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Succession planning options are limited as business owners look to “retire” from the businesses that they worked decades to build. We realize that passing one’s company to others is a difficult decision. Compounding this decision is  the fact that a successful operating company is the most complex asset a person can own.

We are a group of experienced business advisers and existing business owners who offer a solution to this need. We will work with existing management teams to transition ownership to an expert group of business leaders to maximize the chance of both survival, and continued success.

We are looking to attain controlling interest of successful companies with a long term approach. We are not interested in quick flips of companies, but will to build upon the founders’ legacy to continue to run successful companies over the medium and long term, and ultimately use our combined skill set to grow companies to the next level.


Western Legacy Partners emphasizes 3 core values:



As professionals in the local community, we are already trusted advisers and business leaders.  We realize our reputation is a key factor to our past success. We promise to:  negotiate in good faith, hold all information in confidence, pay a fair price for your business, and diligently work with your timeline to smoothly “pass the torch”.


With transition and change, comes opportunities. We are interested in maximizing “win-win” deals that will allow business owners to easily transition to the next stage of their lives. Similarly for investors, there are opportunities to own a piece of a successful company, with returns historically better than the stock markets or keeping cash in the bank.


The Partners Group at Western Legacy have decades of experience in either running or advising companies of various sizes.  Each one of us have our own areas of expertise, which will not only ensure a smooth transition and continued viability, but long term success.


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